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NSi willing to talk early election but wants key projects completed


Ljubljana - New Slovenia (NSi), one of the two junior coalition partners in the government, would be willing to talk an early election with its coalition partners under the condition that the government completes the EU presidency and adopts the national budgets for 2022-2023.

NSi leader Matej Tonin said on Friday that an early election would be a reasonable price to pay to calm the passions in the country and complete the projects important for Slovenia.

Tonin, speaking at a news conference of NSi ministers, said that the NSi would do everything for the passions to calm, for things to get back to normal.

"It doesn't seem crucial whether we finish the term in April, March or February, it's crucial that we complete the tasks key for the country in an appropriate and decent manner."

The NSi is willing to have a sincere talk with the coalition partners and reach, in agreement with the opposition, a deal to jointly contribute to calming the situation in the country.

"If an early election is a price of the agreement on carrying out the presidency in peace and bring both budgets under the roof, then it seems a reasonable price for a more normal atmosphere in this country, from which everyone will benefit, the entire country, not just the coalition."

Tonin said the NSi understood the people and their anger, saying that at the time of the coronavirus everyone was fed up with coronavirus measures, but called on those who are unhappy with the government or the current situation to express their dissatisfaction in peaceful protests or to use legal means.

He believes the entire politics is responsible to calm the situation, but foremost the government coalition, so the NSi will make efforts to first calm the passions in the coalition.


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