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Plurality in Delo poll in favour of early election


Ljubljana - A poll by Delo has found a plurality of voters in favour of a snap election, but a large share believe the government should serve our the rest of its term.

A total of 47% favour a snap election and almost 42% believe the current term should end on schedule, with under 4% saying a new coalition should be formed in the current sitting of the National Assembly.

Delo also gauged the potential of (Truth), a small local party whose leader has spearheaded recent violent protests against the government, to find that its electoral potential remains subdued.

Against the backdrop of broad media coverage of protests and Stevanović's arrest, only 2% said they would vote for the party and 4% named themselves as potential voters.

The poll was conducted by Mediana between 4 and 7 October and involved 717 respondents.


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