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Dnevnik: Polish court's ruling biggest crisis for the EU to date

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Ljubljana - The ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court that portions of the EU Treaty are not compatible with the Polish Constitution marks the biggest challenge for the EU to date, Dnevnik argues in Saturday's commentary.

The court put the Constitution above EU law, jettisoning the glue that holds the EU together - that EU law is valid in all member states. "If this commitment ... is undermined, it raises doubts about the very existence of the EU," the paper says in Bigger Crisis for the EU than Brexit.

"Without respect for a common legal foundation, EU integration ceases to exist in its current form. It morphs into a community of sovereignist countries setting the European project back far into the past."

According to Delo, the court's decision is much more explosive than Brexit, in that Poland does not really want to leave the bloc but has been playing with the EU "like a cat with its tail" fearing it would lose billions on EU funds.

"Now that the Polish regime brought the mix to boiling point and dragged the EU into its biggest domestic crisis, Warsaw has only one trump card left. If the Constitutional Court judgment is not published in the official gazette, it will not be valid.

"The price for this step is clear. For the EU - for its credibility and future - the question now is whether it will let itself be blackmailed like this by a member state's illiberal ruling clique."


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