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Food prices increased in 2020


Ljubljana - Most basic food products became more expensive in 2020, the year marked by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Statistics Office said on Tuesday in light of the upcoming World Food Day on 16 October. They added that price rises were the most substantial in apples (+35.4%) and minced meat (+22.8%).

Other basic foodstuffs that have recorded price rises in 2020 include a packet of 10 eggs (+9.8%), a kilogram of bread (6.6%) and a litre of milk (+4.1%). Meanwhile, the price of potatoes was down 18.9%.

Last year, the average Slovenian consumed 119 kilograms of vegetables, 116 kilograms of cereals, 88 kilograms of meat, 64 kilograms of potatoes, five kilograms of rice and one kilogram of honey.

The agricultural products self-sufficiency rate in Slovenia increased last year compared to 2019 for all products included in the Statistics Office's calculations, most prominently in honey and cereals.

The highest levels of self-sufficiency were recorded in eggs (95%) and cereals (89%), followed by meat (84%), potatoes (60%) and vegetables (48%).

Meanwhile, the most imported food products in Slovenia last year were vegetables and fruit, with a total value of EUR 488 million, the Statistics Office said.

The most valuable exports were dairy products and eggs, valued at EUR 250 million. The most food imports in value terms came from Italy, and the most exports went to Croatia.

Food manufacturing companies in Slovenia generated just under EUR 2 billion in sales last year, a decrease of 3.6% compared to 2019. Food production contributed 7.1% to the total manufacturing turnover.


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