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Spa operator Terme Olimia's revenue slashed by epidemic


Podčetrtek - Terme Olimia, a state-owned spa operator from Podčetrtek in the east of the country, saw a significant drop in revenue due to the epidemic last year. Net sales revenue dropped by a third to EUR 16.6 million and net profit by 56% to EUR 1.3 million compared to 2019. The number of tourist nights dropped by 26% to almost 267,300.

Despite one of the most challenging years for Olimia, the company did well, also thanks to tourist vouchers, CEO Florjan Vasle said in the 2020 report published on the web site of the AJPES agency for legal records.

He said that no jobs had been lost as the company had quickly adjusted to the situation on the market.

The company, which employs around 280 workers, expanded its restaurant, kitchen and terrace at the Breza Hotel in an investment estimated at EUR 1.3 million.

It also opened five mobile units at the Natura camp in cooperation with Austrian company Gebetsroither, and completed a new parking lot at the spa.

Vasle said Olimia had prepared three different scenarios for 2021 and opted for the optimistic one. Still, no major infrastructure investments were planned for this year.


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