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Primorske Novice against changes to pharmacy law

Health & Medicine

Koper - Pharmacies are and must remain a fundamental part of the healthcare infrastructure, which is providing a relatively good access to all treatment and care, says the newspaper Primorske Novice in Tuesday's commentary, urging MPs to vote down the amendments to the pharmacy legislation.

The changes, proposed by the coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC), would allow vertical integration of pharmacies and drug wholesalers, and it is clear why some are very keen to see them passed. They would like "to satisfy the appetite for more profits and to open the door wide to capital in health legislation", says the paper.

Players in the pharmacy market, including drug wholesalers and municipalities, who seek to benefit from these changes are many.

"Their aim is to market their own products, and they are adept at using all kinds of marketing techniques, campaigns as well as pressure. This contributes to the deterioration of people's health and ties the hands of pharmacists, who will be forced to offer only their products. Which is contrary to pharmacists' professional ethics."

Experts and even the government are against the amendments, but the MPs will have the final say. "Do they all have enough common sense and ethics," wonders the commentary under the headline Pharmacies Must Be There for the People.


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