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IT Recruitment- What is real and what is not?

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Author: Anja Žibert, Human Relations Tribe Leader, AxonJay

In the last two years our reality changed, we all know that! This column is not about the fact of how the universe kicked us out of our comfort zones and left us completely powerless in all areas of our lives. It is about that thing we all desperately ignored for too long. The real truth and the knowledge that maybe there is more than meets the eye...

We believe what we see, we read, we hear, we smell, we taste. Why are we so ignorant about the fact that we also feel? Why don't we trust our intuition and information beyond mainstream media?

Dare to read further? Let's do it.

A few days ago there was, in collaboration with Slovenia Times, German - Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and 4 Points Sheraton Mons Hotel, a very interesting panel on IT Recruitment with a focus on software developers, where carefully chosen experts presented their insights, insights we don't usually read on newspaper headlines. Specific information struck me and left me open-mouthed. One of the panelists, Sara Vošinek Gašpar, IT Talent Enabler & Sourcer, revealed an interesting fact: there are only 27 milion software developers in the world today.

Yes, it's true.

According to Evans Data Corporation Data's Global Developer Population and Demographic Study, there are 26.9 million software developers worldwide, a number that is expected to grow to 27.7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024.

Do you think that's a lot? Well, there are predictions that by 2027 there will be more than one million software companies in the world. Take a deep breath and read that again - one million software companies "fighting" for the best software developers.

So, what can we do about it? In my opinion, companies should stop taking people for granted!

Let me share some more valuable insights from the panel:

  • Remote working is not something new in the IT world and so companies should stop promoting it to IT experts as though it is! Flexible working hours, freedom of choice, a chance to work with leading-edge technology, transparent access to information... These are valuable benefits!
  • What is happening to "culture" in organizations with remote working environments? Well,if culture is/was not based on a strong purpose and open communication, it will diminish. But there is another interesting fact: we could say that for "IT people" if anything we are going to see a "renaissance" in terms of company culture because communication tools that we use today are completely aligned with their natural state of being - digital. So yes, it's possible to create and maintain good company culture also in remote working environments.
  • If companies want an open-minded, advanced IT employee, they can get one. But they should make sure they don't "banish" him/her with their own fixed mindset, tedious non-technical tasks and old technology.
  • Open communication, transparent communication, honest communication. Recruiters need to respect an individual's time and stop conducting meaningless job interviews which do not provide valuable information for either of them.

Ok, we haven't removed the whole "veil" that still floats around the IT recruitment industry but I believe everything that is written above is a sneak-peak beyond the flood of copy-pasted online blogs and articles, and can be a foundation for starting to do things a little bit differently in terms of leading and recruiting.

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Anja Žibert

Human Relations Tribe Leader


11.10.2021 Business Talk - Talent Acquisition in The Competitive Global Environment of The IT Industry


Marko Mlakar, Managing Partner at Franklin Covey, CEO and Partner at Amrop Adria

Sara Vošinek Gašpar, IT Talent Specialist, ITClass

Željka Modrej, Head of Strategic HR, Bankart

Žiga Lorger, Executive Search, Adecco Slovenia

Simon Belak, Hacker, Philosopher, and Theatre Director


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