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Interior minister visits key energy facilities


Šoštanj/Velenje - Interior Minister Aleš Hojs visited on Friday the TEŠ thermal power station in Šoštanj and the Velenje coal mine, two facilities that are are crucial for undisturbed energy supply in Slovenia. The purpose of the visit was to check the protection of the key infrastructure in the country. Hojs said he was happy with what he had seen.

The minister also wanted to see how TEŠ and the mine cooperate with state bodies, the Interior Ministry said in a press release.

Hojs said he had wanted to check the safety protocols, but that the visit had also been interesting from the technical point of view, especially in light of the current problems in the energy sector and the looming energy crisis and related price hikes.

"Of course, any system can be upgraded and improved, which we will tackle in the future with the corporate security services of the companies. But I am still very happy with what I have seen today in the Šaleška Valley," said the minister.

Hojs visited unit 6 of the TEŠ today, miners working 500 metres below surface and inspected the work processes there and the safety protocols for the employees.

TEŠ is one of the biggest electricity producers in the country, as thermal power stations generated 30% of Slovenia's electricity output last year.


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