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Večer critical of PCT rule avoidance


Ljubljana - Slovenia's daily rises in coronavirus cases have hit almost 2,000 this week, and the last time the numbers were that high was in January, Večer says on Saturday. It suggests this is due to people cheating with the Covid pass.

Večer says that in January, there were no public events in the country, restaurants and bars were closed, there was remote work and remote school.

This time round, the strategy is different. There is enough vaccine and testing is more accessible, so the country opted for PCT - the most frequently uttered acronym this autumn - the reconvalescent, vaccinated, tested (PCT) rule.

The reasoning was that the PCT rule will enable us to have schools and businesses open - to have freedom. But it is setting conditions to enjoy that freedom that the opponents of the PCT rule see as the biggest problem.

In early September the PCT rule was expanded to practically all services and activities, including a visit to the doctor's or going to work, which triggered a cascade of resistance and protests.

Although Wednesday has become the official day for boycotting the PCT rule, the rule is in fact being ignored throughout the week, Večer says, noting that many establishments do not check it, or do it rather carelessly.

The Covid pass is no brainchild of Slovenia's, it lives throughout Europe, but Večer wonders why it works better in other parts of Europe than here.

Are we really masters of finding a hole in a regulation or are our regulations more flawed than elsewhere, it wonders, answering that both is the case.

Growing distrust in authorities breeds opposition, so people avoid rules. "Resourcefulness, which is often just a politically correct word for fraud, is ubiquitous and seems to know no borders", the paper says in the commentary entitled Only Signs Are Left.


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