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PM Janša, Defence Minister Tonin receive threats by mail


Ljubljana - Media have reported that Prime Minister Janez Janša and Defence Minister Matej Tonin on Friday received threats by mail, with live ammunition being enclosed in the letters. The threats sent to the politicians' home addresses were later confirmed by the prime minister's office and Tonin himself.

Janša, who is the president of the ruling Democrats (SDS), has also been sent photographs on which targets were drawn on his face and the faces of his family members.

In the threatening letter, the unknown sender told Janša that "teams are waiting for the command", that the prime minister was the "first to go down", and that the same fate awaited the supporters of the government.

According to the public broadcaster TV Slovenija, the prime minister's office has confirmed the threat.

Tonin, on the other hand, was reproached for being calculating by choosing political sides, and threatened that he would not get to see the next general election. The letter said that they "know all his whereabouts, so security will not be able to help him."

The president of the coalition New Slovenia (NSi) has confirmed the threatening letter for the N1 web portal.

According to N1, a week ago Tonin's home was visited by two unknown men who posed as providers of telecommunication measurements. It turned out later that the two had been detained by the police at one of the Wednesday protests over attacks on police officers.


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