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Anti-violence haunted house opens in Ljubljana

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Ljubljana - A haunted house that raises awareness about violence was set up on Friday in Ljubljana's Town Square and will stay open until Sunday. In it, visitors can gain first-hand experience of the fear that victims of violence are constantly confronted with.

The project aims to raise awareness among the general public on various forms of violence in a different and interactive way, social marketing leader Tanja Rudolf Čenčič said upon the opening of the house today.

"With the Haunted House project, we want to raise awareness about violence also among those who do not experience it, to explain what violence is, where people can experience it and what to do when it happens, either to us or to somebody we know," she said.

The haunted house showcases three typical environments where violence is most often inflicted.

The first is the domestic environment, the most common scene of long-term violence against both women and men, violence against children and the elderly, and sexual violence.

The second is the school environment with frequent peer violence, as demonstrated by the 2019 Erasmus+ Survey which found that half of all adolescents in the world aged 13-15 have been involved in peer violence in or around their school.

The third is the online environment. According to, a website raising awareness on safe use of the internet and mobile devices, more than half of young people in Slovenia have already been victims of online violence.

The anti-violence haunted house project is a collaboration between a social marketing company and several NGOs or associations that advocate against various types of violence, human trafficking and violent communication. It was sponsored by the Ljubljana municipality and the Health Ministry.


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