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Delo says DeSUS is done, but that will not affect pensioners


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo looks at the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) in Tuesday's front-page commentary, saying it is going "down the road of no return" and that "its one-way ticket will not take it to parliament" in the next election. There is actually no rational reason to justify the existence of single-issue parties, the paper says.

Pensions amount to about 55% of the average net pay in Slovenia and in its 30-year history DeSUS has not managed to raise that share.

Now, the party has hit rock bottom. Internal fights reached yet another peak last Friday when the party head Ljubo Jasnič called DeSUS MPs traitors and they threatened to report him to the anti-graft watchdog. More drama is to come, as Jasnič demanded a session of the party's council with "resignation" being on the agenda.

"The pensioners' party is driving along the road of no return and its one-way ticket will not bring it to parliament in the next election. There will be no DeSUS in the new National Assembly, at least not as an independent political formation," Delo says.

But actually there is no real reason for single-issue parties like that. If pensioners urgently needed a party than so would the young, women, mountain lovers, sea lovers, river lovers and many others, says the paper.

The downfall of DeSUS will not affect pensioners, as they are still the fourth biggest age group in elections and no election programme will go around that fact, reads the commentary entitled No DeSUS, No Drama.


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