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Missing Girl Found Alive and Well


The news comes just days after police arrested two councillors hired by the girl's father and who had apparently kept the girl hidden against his will.

The pair were arrested less then two weeks after the father, Boštjan Kaker, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on 15 March for spiriting away and neglecting his daughter.

But Kaker filed a criminal report against the pair, Matic Munc and Natalija Markač of the consultancy Svetovalnica Akcija!, on 22 March on suspicion that they abducted the girl Klara.

Munc, whose wife Jerneja was also arrested two days ago, and Markač had been publicly advocating the interests the father for a year and a half, but the relationship has recently been broken off.

Kaker's letters to Markač that have been made public by the father's lawyer reveal that Kaker had been asking the pair of councillors for a while to stop hiding the girl.

The girl's mother reported Klara missing in March 2010 after the police were unable to enforce the court's ruling of 2010 to award custody of the girl to the mother.

The father, who had refused to hand over Klara to the mother, had also reported his estranged wife and her father for allegedly sexually abusing the girl, a charge that the prosecution discarded in May 2011.

However, Svetovalnica Akcija! has been arguing throughout that the charge of sexual abuse has not been investigated properly.

Anonymous clients of the consultancy who have come forward in the last few days claim that they have been consulted to resort to sexual abuse charges to win custody for their children.


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