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Anti-Covid restriction protests held in several Slovenian cities


Ljubljana/Maribor/Celje/Koper - Protesters against the Covid pass mandate gathered on Wednesday for another rally, this time in several Slovenian cities, including in Ljubljana where the protest was the largest, totalling a few hundred people. The rallies were peaceful.

In the capital, the protesters gathered in Republic Square, their usual starting point, before marching through the streets.

Rallies in Maribor, Celje and Koper meanwhile saw fewer than hundred people.

The participants were again critical of anti-coronavirus restrictions and the government, reiterating their call for an early election.

They believe Slovenian society faces an information censorship, highlighting the importance of freedom of expression. They also disagree with health experts and the government's appeals to get vaccinated.

Calls to take part in the latest Wednesday protests, which were once more unregistered, were again disseminated on Facebook by Maske Dol (Down with Masks), one of the most prominent anti-mask and anti-vax groups on the social media, and the (Truth) party headed by Zoran Stevanović.


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