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Mladina says govt's epidemic strategy guided by upcoming election


Ljubljana - Mladina says in its latest editorial that the government's Covid-19 strategy is actually "crazy business" that has nothing to do with the epidemic, because the basic premise that prevents the government from having a strategy and that steers the country's fight against the epidemic has a name - election.

"It sounds banal, and actually even criminal, but the Slovenian government today takes (or does not take) measures based on the fact that general election will be held in the country in half a year," the weekly says in Price of Pre-election Period.

Half of the voters who may take part in the election refuses vaccination, sending an indirect message that they also reject the majority of the anti-epidemic measures, which is why the government has been taking illogical and inconsistent measures.

"When it comes to all measures, the main line of thinking of the prime minister and other coalition party presidents is how possible individual measures taken by the government will impact the sentiment of voters in the upcoming election."

Taking action during an epidemic does have a political effect on the electorate, but this applies to every government, Mladina says, noting that Miro Cerar (2014-2018) had the refugee crisis and Alenka Bratušek (2013-2014) had the financial crisis.

"What comes with politics is politicians being able to look beyond the party and personal interests and take measures that will probably be damaging to them politically, but beneficial for the country and its residents."

According to the weekly, this is especially true for the current government and the time of epidemic - it is without a doubt a historical moment in which true statesmen sacrifice their possible future career in the name of higher goals.

"This government is not doing that, this is something Janez Janša is not capable of. That man continues to think only about himself, like all autocratic leaders. It is not about the nation, it is about him."

The weekly notes that Slovenia cannot afford another six months of pre-election time, because it immediately needs a government that will not look at the epidemic and measures to stem it through the lenses of the upcoming elections.

"The price of this calculating and egomaniac conduct is not counted in euros, but in lives," concludes the commentary.


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