The Slovenia Times

Delo: Large polluters need to be stopped


Ljubljana - Delo points the finger at G20 nations as it argues in Saturday's commentary that the onus is on the biggest polluters when it comes to keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

"It is clear who must do the most - those who are responsible for the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions. They are united in G20, which produces three quarters of the world's emissions."

According to Delo, the commitments they have unveiled so far are not enough to keep global warming in check, mostly because the interests of the fossil fuels industry are closely aligned with the interests of some of these countries.

And while some attribute the recent rise in energy prices to the energy transition, the truth is that investing in renewables brings a lot of benefits and should be seen as countries as an opportunity, not a burden.

"Warming is not the only reason to give up fossil fuels. This would also cool down the heated relations between superpowers and preserve political stability, democracy and the rule of law. If this is what global leaders really want. Some relish in spreading chaos," the paper concludes in Stop the Spreaders of Chaos.


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