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Mobile banking outpacing online banking


Ljubljana - Mobile banking apps are being used by more and more Slovenians, the number of mobile bank users among natural persons having already surpassed the number of online banking users by the middle of this year.

In the second quarter, a total of 1,041,918 natural persons and sole proprietors used mobile banks in Slovenia, while 1,011,274 used online banking, according to data by Slovenia's central bank Banka Slovenije. The gap widened even further in the third quarter.

The total number of online banking users is still higher than the number of mobile banking users, mainly due to the increased use of online banking among legal entities.

The value of payments made via mobile banking apps on smartphones is also growing rapidly - in the third quarter, the total value of payments amounted to just over EUR 2 million. This still represents only 3.3% of all payments made through online banking during that time.


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