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Heavy trucks banned from overtaking on all Slovenian motorways


Ljubljana - Heavy trucks are banned from overtaking on the Slovenian motorways as of today after the ban kicked in on the A1 motorway, that is between Šentilj (NE) and Koper (SW), on 15 January. A violation carries a fine of 300 euro.

The ban for trucks heavier than 7.5 tonnes on the Šentilj-Koper motorway has produced good results, improving traffic flow, Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec said on Twitter as he announced the new measure.

The government and national motorway company DARS thus agreed to expand it to the entire motorway network, the minister explained.

The ban on the A1 motorway was imposed for the period between 6am and 6pm, while heavy trucks were still allowed to overtake at night, as well as at sections with three traffic lanes.

Even before that, trucks were not allowed to overtake during the morning and afternoon rush hours on certain sections of A1.

Overtaking for trucks is meanwhile completely forbidden in tunnels and motorway junctions, and also on some ring roads in urban areas.


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