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Paper questions feasibility of Glasgow commitments

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Koper - Primorske Novice wonders in Wednesday's commentary whether the optimistic commitments made at the COP26 in Glasgow will in fact be realised given the actions by major polluters and excuses about the impossibility of realising the commitments by 2030.

"Excuses that economies and energy systems cannot be restructured fast are flimsy since the challenges have been around for a long time," the paper says in the commentary Politicians and Us - We're All Responsible.

Deforestation, for example, can stop immediately. But every country is now trying to complete the last permitted option of cutting down forests, exhausting farmland, extracting ore with the dirties technology and creating emissions, even though the price of doing that will double.

This is why two things will be crucial about the outcome of the Glasgow conference; timeline and social solidarity. Timeline because it is crucial whether we end deforestation this year or in 2030, and solidarity because those who pollute the most - the developed western world - can do the most to reduce emissions.

"We will be least affected if we pass up the opportunity to buy a new Chinese phone, for which China is burning coal and exhausting ore deposits in Africa."


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