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Too Big a Burden on Poor


Türk told Sunday's edition of Trieste-based Primorski dnevnik that the government should find a fairer way to distribute the burden of austerity.

While assessing that the government has come forward with "very ambitious, even radical proposals," he urged it to lead the adoption process in a way that would allow consensus.

He warned that pushing ahead without the support of the opposition and trade unions would result in failure.

"Persevering on a concept which is overly influenced by neo-liberalism will not bring about the convergence and consensus that we need right now."

The president assessed that extending implementation of the intervention law freezing pay in the public sector to the second half of the year would be a good first step.

This should in turn be complemented by other measures reached in negotiations with partners so that "we get a well-rounded set" of measures.

In this respect, he called for a fair distribution of the burden of austerity and smart tax policies. The latter should be targeted more at those well-off, he said. Moreover, he said raising VAT should be considered.

Asked whether Slovenia needed a technocrat government similar to that in office in Italy to fix its finances, the president said he could not say for sure, but also not rule out the possibility.

"The answer to this question depends on the wisdom of the incumbent government. If it will be wise enough to seek interlocutors and consensus, we will see progress, otherwise we cannot exclude its failure and a situation requiring a technocrat government."


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