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Ready for Smart Mobility


Slovenia has its own air transport, strong railway connections with neighbouring countries, sea transport and bus transport, Kuneva said.

This would allow choosing "the connections to get from the door to the final destination over the internet, with a single ticket and a clearly listed price", she explained.

According to Kuneva, trust is the main attribute that could attract travellers to Slovenia.

"Trust is essential - trust in service providers and operators, so that passengers know they will get the service they paid for," she added.

Kuneva visited Slovenia to meet the institutions and organisations responsible for ensuring passengers' rights in railway and air transport.

While she was satisfied with the national office in charge of passengers' rights in aviation, she expressed hope that the one in railway transport would improve.

Kuneva moreover stressed that the number of passengers' complaints was very low in Slovenia, standing at 47 in 2011. She noted that her office would perform a check-up of the real situation with the help of NGOs.

She added that the number of complaints could be so low, "because everything is OK or maybe because passengers don't know where and to whom to complain".


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