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Nova Gorica company makes its largest industrial baking oven


Nova Gorica - Gostol Gopan, a Nova Gorica-based company that makes industrial ovens and equipment for large bakeries, has announced that it shipped the largest thermal oil baking oven they have ever built. It was sold to one of Europe's largest bakeries from Hungary.

This thermal oil baking oven made by Gostol Gopan is 3 metres wide, 17 metres long and 5.3 metres high. It consists of seven floors and will enable the baking of as many as four tonnes of bread per hour, the company said on Monday.

An automated bakery line was already delivered to the same Hungarian bakery in August. Together, the two lines made by Gostol Gopan will enable the bakery to make up to 90 tonnes of bread per day.

With this deal worth EUR 7 million, the Slovenian company further strengthens its position in the global market for integrated industrial solutions for large industrial bakeries.

The company is present all over the world, with exports accounting for more than 95% of its gross sales. This year, they are expected to amount to EUR 32 million.

Gostol Gopan is planning a turnover of EUR 42 million for 2022 and is looking to consolidate its position in South America, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.


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