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Delo sees energy sector as main battlefield of political staffing


Ljubljana - The staffing battles at state-owned energy firms are understandable given that these companies have money and given the prospects of massive investments in the future. "For politics, it is therefore interesting to direct this river of money with their staff," Delo comments on Tuesday.

This is the context of recent and planned replacements of top staff at energy companies. "The next general election is less than six months from now and it is crucial to stake out the positions for the future," says the commentary Last Major Staff Purge.

"Political parties have divvied up the energy sector in the past. The SD and SDS were the strongest players. Now others want their share, for example the NSi."

At the end of the day, only results count and solid companies can quickly become weak. This is what happened for example with HSE, which is being dragged down by the Šoštanj thermal power plant. "A similar scenario may unfold in other energy companies."


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