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Unions Oppose Golden Fiscal Rule


Speaking about a "pact of long-term stagnation that is bound to hit Slovenia in an even stronger fashion", ZSSS head Dušan Semolič criticised for the press the EU's fiscal pact and the golden fiscal rule envisaging a balanced budget.

He stressed that the act on public finance already explicitly states that budget needs to be balanced, but that this is being blatantly ignored.

Semolič believes that not a fiscal but a golden social rule would be necessary. "Why don't we include something that would definitely benefit people into the Constitution - for instance, that the unemployment rate in Slovenia shall not exceed 5%."

Feeling that politicians are rushing with the changes at constitutional level in order to prevent a referendum, he announced that the unions would not stand idle but use the rights secured by European legislation and ask the people how they feel about the subject.

"If people are prevented from coming to the polls and casting their vote in favour or against, they will be only left with taking to the street," Semolič noted, adding that the decision on a possible referendum will also depend on the government's final word regarding the announced austerity measures.


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