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City mayors suggest creating legal basis for PC rule


Ljubljana - The association of Slovenia's urban municipalities has called on the National Assembly to pass legal basis for effective measures to contain the Covid outbreak. It also suggests considering introducing the reconvalescent-vaccinated rule (PC) as the standard for the Covid pass.

The association's assembly issued the appeal after debating the Covid-19 situation in the country on Monday, finding that the whole country is a "hostage of a minority of 200,000 people who oppose vaccination".

They infer that from data from the Covid tracker site which shows that almost 1.2 million people have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine and more than 300,000 are reconvalescent, while more than 300,000 of the population is younger than 14.

They called on all the residents to get vaccinated and thus show solidarity and help contain the epidemic and contribute to their own safety and the safety of others.

They called on the National Assembly to adopt legislation that would allow the government to pass scientifically supported measures to contain Covid.

In suggesting the PC rule, the association refers to proposals made by the group of experts advising the government on Covid-19 as early as September.

A similar appeal was made by Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković as he addressed the press on Tuesday. Janković also offered his critique of the government and of its communication, arguing that part of those who opted not to get the jab did so out of protest against the government.

"Even though the government has done what can be done wrong in its communication with the citizens, we have almost 1.2 million people vaccinated with the first dose today, which means they'll also get the second one," he said.

Disregarding those who have had Covid, there are still about 20% of the population who have a hold on the country, said Janković, who appealed for solidarity.

"Everyone has the right to make their own decision, it's a fact, but it's my belief that we can attain normal life only by getting vaccinated and being cautious," he said.

"We can disagree with the government, condemn it, but we can show that in the election that will take place within five months at the latest, but let's try and get our lives back on track as much as possible," he said.


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