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What do mobility and connectivity mean to Slovenes?
I believe Slovenes are quite attached to their mobile devices. We see that the smart phone penetration is increasing permanently; smartphone sales already exceeded feature phones. Trends are quite clear - people want to use the services such as social media, mobile office and email communication everywhere. They also want to access different content on their mobile devices.

How does an average Si.mobil user look like?
The mobile standard in Slovenia is quite high. Mobile users are price sensitive yet very demanding customers. Not just about price of calls and text messages, they want to use data services and are demanding of them to be available everywhere at fair prices. And they have every right to be demanding. They have a choice - basically they choose from four good mobile operators. But what other operators are neglecting is great customer experience and empathy they receive at Si.mobil. For us everything revolves around best customer experience. We want to make them happy as happiness keeps customers.

Si.mobil invested heavily in its mobile network. What development and investment plans you have for the near future?
After investing EUR 13 million in network upgrades resulting in more than 90% broadband internet coverage, NET CHECK, an ISO-certified service provider performed an independent measurement confirming that Si.mobil has the fastest 3G network in Slovenia. This means highest average data rates per user and fastest web page loading. Si.mobil's network is therefore best choice for mobile internet and increasing number of smartphones and tablets.
Plans for this year are actually quite similar. We seek for weakest links of our network and we upgrade them. It is a constant task. This way we have built the biggest and fastest 3G mobile network in the country and we continue to improve it.

At what capacity is your network operating these days?
Mobile traffic is very dynamic so it very much depends on the area you're looking at. Our optimization team is performing bottleneck analysis all the time and detects where bigger needs for data service are present and adjusts capacities accordingly. We are also very good at judging were biggest crowds will be and adjust the capacity needs accordingly.

You also offer your mobile network to other companies. Most recent addition to the virtual mobile operators list is Amis Mobil. Can we expect more such cooperation in the future?
Absolutely, Si.mobil has a high performance mobile network, from capacity perspective we are more than covered and we are open to new partnerships. Judging from past experience I could say that Si.mobil is the operator of choice for those who want to set up a virtual mobile business.
Data traffic over mobile networks continues to grow rapidly. So does the number of mobile devices.

Can you manage this growth? What are your predictions for the future?
We are also seeing a lot of changes in user behaviour. They use more streaming services and rich content that is quite heavy on the traffic side and capacity demanding. We expect the data to be a heavy burden for mobile networks in the future, but operators will just have to deal with it. We have a network that offers high transport speeds; LTE will further add agility to it.
We have also taken into account other possibilities such as offloading functionalities. The mobile business is changing and we are prepared. Si.mobil's users, who are among the most active in the use of communication services, can now use mobile internet worry-free, since Si.mobil has introduced automatic notifications about mobile internet usage for all its users. When their usage reaches a certain point, users will receive a notification which will protect them from excessively high invoices.
Si.mobil is also a converged service provider. So in addition to our mobile network we offer in combination also fixed internet in order to handle customer needs.

What new data intensive services can we expect from Si.mobil in the future?
We have to enable the services the customers require. We want to give them numerous possibilities to use the services of their own choice. Currently we are focusing on business customers, so the business functions come first, for example cloud services offered by Si.mobil's service Popolna pisarna (Perfect office).For the future we're currently looking into mobile TV and other feature rich services and applications.

Where do you see Si.mobil in two or five years' time?
I am convinced we will become best choice network for every single customer in Slovenia. Currently we have around 30% mobile market share but we will achieve more, much more. Si.mobil is becoming full communication service provider, offering also fixed services in the future.


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