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Pahor urges people to encourage each other to get vaccinated


Ljubljana - President Borut Pahor called on Slovenians on Thursday to encourage each other to get vaccinated so as to prevent lives from being put at risk due to Covid-19 at a time when there are safe and effective vaccines available.

In a special video message, Pahor noted that it seemed that at the end of September people suddenly stopped to get vaccinated due to certain circumstances. As a result, the vaccination rate is too low now to allow for normal life to continue.

"We must not stop now and give up. Now is the time to join forces," he said, adding that "our joint goal is immunisation".

The president believes it makes a big difference if the pandemic ends because everyone gets infected or due to vaccination.

"There are deaths that could have been prevented, suffering that could have been avoided, extraordinary burden on medical staff and system, and the feeling of helplessness that we could overcome together."

He stressed that perhaps this was a moment when everyone's lives literally depended on others like never before. "Perhaps we have never before been this directly responsible for the lives of others", he said, adding that together "we win".


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