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BSH Hišni Aparati opens new development centre


Nazarje - The Nazarje-based home appliance maker BSH Hišni Aparati opened a new development centre on Thursday. The cutting-edge facility will employ 140 engineers developing kitchen appliances. The investment is valued at EUR 4.5 million.

According Matija Petrin, director in charge of technology, the new centre stretching on 2,600 square metres in divided in two parts - the main agile centre and the technical part, housing a lab and a section for electronics and drives. It also includes sections for development and construction, and a test kitchen.

One of the new Bosh products that experts from Nazarje helped design and that BSH Hišni Aparati will manufacture in the future is the smart food processor Cookit.

The investment started in October 2019 and initially it was planned that the centre will open last December to mark the company's 50th anniversary.

Today's opening was also attended by Prime Minister Janez Janša who noted that in the last ten years at least three patents by BSH Hišni Aparati had been awarded and that companies like this had helped the Slovenian economy recover quickly after the pandemic.

CEO Boštjan Gorjup thanked the government for supporting the company when this was needed, having recognised its potential.

BSH Hišni Aparati, a part of the international BSH Home Appliances Group, is expected to manufacture a record 9.6 million products this year, which is 25% more than in 2020.


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