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A lasting brand


Gorenjka was the most important chocolate producer and one of the most recognisable confectionery brands in Slovenia.

It comes second in terms of chocolate sales and commands about a 20% market share which has been increasing over the past years. About 1,600 tonnes of Gorenjka are produced every year.

Gorenjka is part of Žito group since 1968 and accounts for about 10% of the total EUR 115.7m revenues on the group level. In addition to chocolate, it is also Slovenia's largest pastry producer.

Balažič noted that the prices of chocolate ingredients have seen high growth over the past year - prices of sugar have risen over 50% in the past year, and same for cocoa, which impacted the company's bottom line.

Gorenjka's products include 45 types of chocolate in various shapes and sizes, the most popular being hazelnut chocolate, and 15 types of pastry.

The history of chocolate producer Gorenjka goes back to 1922 when a family company began to produce chocolate. In 1948, a chocolate factory was opened and in 1958 the company got its present name.

The jubilee chocolate unveiled today contains 30 kg of cocoa and 25 kg of hazelnuts. The chocolate producer will also open the doors to its Lesce factory this Saturday, and on 21 April and 5 May.

To mark the anniversary, the company has also redesigned its label, which features a comeback of Gorenjka's old symbol - a girl dressed in Slovenian traditional garb.


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