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Slovenia receives EU formal notice regarding fight against terrorism rules


Brussels - The European Commission has decided to open infringement proceedings against Slovenia to ensure correct transposition of EU rules on combating terrorism. The country has now two months to respond to the formal notice from Brussels, or else faces receiving a reasoned opinion, the next stage in the infringement procedure.

The other member states that have received the same latter of formal notice on Friday are Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Sweden and Slovakia.

The rules include provisions that criminalise and penalise terrorist-related offences, such as travelling abroad to commit a terrorist offence, returning to or travelling within the EU for such activities, training for terrorist purposes and financing terrorism.

They also set up special provisions for victims of terrorism to ensure that they have access to reliable information, as well as professional and specialist support services, in the immediate aftermath of an attack and for as long as necessary.

The Commissions noted that the rules - which member states had to transpose by 8 September 2018 - are an important part of the EU's counter-terrorism agenda.


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