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Minister says new lockdown would cause Slovenia to go bankrupt


Novo Mesto - A potential new lockdown would cause the state to go bankrupt, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek said on Friday during a government visit to the south-east Slovenia. He said the Covid crisis was not over yet, so everyone should join forces to find solutions as "there will be no more state aid".

Speaking at a debate in Novo Mesto hosted by the regional branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Novo Mesto Development Centre, he pointed to the different dilemmas regarding the proposals for restrictions to deal with the medical crisis.

He urged people to act in a responsible way to preserve their own health and the health of others, and said that Covid-19 was being abused for a "sick battle against the establishment".

The latest Covid restrictions are the last attempt at restricting the medical crisis, he said, adding that he was advocating the introduction of the PC rule, meaning only those who have recovered from Covid or have been vaccinated would get the Covid pass.

"We cannot not allow for a handful of people to hold the country hostage," he said, adding that another lockdown would not work.

Počivalšek also presented to local business executives the options for drawing EU funds from the recovery and resilience fund, as part of which the Economy Ministry expects EUR 427 million in grants for investments.

On the sidelines of the debate Počivalšek hinted in a statement for the STA that the validity of tourism vouchers could be extended beyond this year if their use will be not be possible due to Covid restrictions. He said a decision on this would be made before the end of the year.

As part of the government visit, Počivalšek visited several companies in Ribnica, Kočevje and Novo Mesto today.


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