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Show based on Slovenian scientist experience played at New York festival


New York - The Cell, a theatre in New York, US, is hosting from Friday to Sunday Science in Theatre Festival, whose artistic director Tjaša Ferme, a Slovenian actress and producer, says brings science out of the closet offering a platform for the general public to get to know it better.

Eden, a production based on the personal experience of Slovenian scientist Polona Šafarič Tepeš, a PhD candidate, is on on Sunday, to be followed by panel discussion.

It was written by Wi-Moto Nyoka on Šafarič Tepeš's experience researching cancer in children at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as part of her molecular biology studies.

The festival brings together theatre workers and scientists and theatres and new technologies, also featuring exhibitions and presentation of various scientific projects.

"It is an opportunity to jointly learn about and discuss how new technologies can be used in performing arts during the global pandemic," Ferme said in a written statement.

"It is also an opportunity to close a gender-based bias," said the founding artistic director of the New York theatre group Transforma Theater.

For the Forbes magazine, she said the festival brings science out of the closet placing it in an environment where people, especially the young and entrepreneurs, can engage directly and interact.


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