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A New Airplane from Pipistrel


Panthera, which has a maximal total range of more than 1900 kilometres, can reach a travelling speed of 370 km/h and the maximum speed of 407 km/h.

For the first time in the history of aviation, buyers will be able to choose the type of propulsion system they want in the aircraft: either a fuel engine, a hybrid or an electric engine.

"Currently, preparations are under way for a serial production in the experimental class of planes. It will take place in Ajdovščina and we plan to make some 50 planes here," Boscarol said.

As the plant in Italy's Gorizia where the plane will later be produced is currently being built, the process of certification of the aircraft will be conducted. "The process takes about three years and during that time the new plant will also be built, where we'll be able to make about one plane a day," the CEO explained.

Panthera is a completely new type of travelling plane, fully made of high-tech composite materials and has a fully retractable landing gear. All systems used in the plane have been developed and manufactured by Pipistrel.

The first prototype that Pipistrel is presenting at Aero Expo is powered by Lycoming IO-390 engine that can run on unleaded fuel. The prototypes for the hybrid and electric version of the plane are under way.

This is Pipistrel's first plane that is not an ultralight aircraft but falls into a higher class of the so-called general aviation.

According to Boscarol, there is surprisingly a lot of interest for the plane that is to reach first buyers this year but enter serial production next year. "The plane is so revolutionary that we will probably have problems meeting the demand. But these are sweet worries," Boscarol said before leaving for Germany, where he will be presenting the plane until Saturday.

The price of Panthera from the serial production will stand at about EUR 500,000.


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