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Lenarčič Finishes Flight around Globe


Lenarčič, who wanted to conclude his flight at the aviation fair in Friedrichshafen, decided to land his plane at the home airport due to bad weather that would prevent him from flying across the Alps.

"It is cold, it was still 40 degrees the day before yesterday," he said as he stepped out of the plane.

Commenting on the his three-month long adventure, Lenarčič said that everything was a question of perspective.

"Even Slovenia is not the most beautiful country, but it is one of the most beautiful. It would be nice if there were no borders, like there are none in the sky. I've seen no borders, the borders exist only in our heads," he added.

He accomplished the feat that took him across some 60 countries, six continents and over the highest mountains of five continents in a Virus SW 914, a 290-kilo plane built by Slovenian company Pipistrel.

Lenarčič had to postpone the start of "GreenLight World Flight" several times because of different problems before taking off from the Ljubljana airport on 8 January.

After crossing the pacific from Chile, Lenarčič was grounded in central Australia for ten days due to the damage his plane suffered in a turbulence when he was flying over Ayers Rock.

His plane suffered two cracks in its rear and two members of the GreenLight World Flight team were sent from Slovenia to attend to the damage.

During his adventure Lenarčič became the first Slovenian to land on Antarctica and the first Slovenian to make a flyover of Mt Everest. He also flew over Europe's highest peak Mt Blanc, South America's Aconcagua, Australia's Mt. Kosciuszko and Africa's Kilimanjaro.


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