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Police arrest two for suspected torture of woman


Nova Gorica - A 27-year-old Bosnian citizen and 41-year-old Slovenian have been arrested on suspicion of torturing a woman in the Nova Gorica area last Friday. They are alleged to have inflicted severe physical pain and suffering to intimidate the victim, who was later admitted to the local hospital, where she remains for treatment.

Nova Gorica criminal investigators have found that the 27-year-old had physically abused the victim last Friday evening, causing serious head trauma, in the presence of four other persons, including the other suspect, the Nova Gorica Police Department said on Friday.

The younger man hit the victim on the head with the blunt end of a cleaver. Even though the victim pleaded with him to stop, he continued torturing her for more than an hour. The 41-year-old also physically abused the woman.

Even after leaving the crime scene, the Bosnian citizen threatened the victim with revenge. Moreover, he took some of the victim's clothes and her mobile phone.

The 27-year-old was arrested on Sunday. During a house search the police seized evidence that would serve as proof of torture.

The suspect was then brought before an investigating judge and put in detention. The older man was put under arrest on Wednesday and has been remanded in custody.

The offence of torture carries a punishment of one to ten years of imprisonment.

The woman was admitted to the Nova Gorica hospital on Saturday due to her serious injuries, where she remains.

The regional Primorke Novice paper reported today that the incident was linked to drug deals.


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