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Reporter expects new lockdown


Ljubljana - The magazine Reporter discusses opposition-sponsored motions of no confidence as well as opposition to Covid measures in the latest editorial headlined Idiots, finding that thanks to those a new lockdown is increasingly likely.

Referring to the motion of no confidence in Education Minister Simona Kustec, the paper says that she "might have been perfectly satisfactory or at least not too problematic a minister in a situation without an epidemic.

"She should have been sacked, but she will not be as will likely not be Justice Minister Marjan Dikaučič. He had entered the government with such a baggage that he should have been shown the door right away instead of first being made a minister and then being defended as all his skeletons fell out from the closet."

The weekly anticipates the outcome of the upcoming ouster motions to be the same as in Kustec's case, while it then goes on to note opposition to self-testing, including a Solkan man who brought a chainsaw in front of his son's school, and Semič Mayor Polona Kambič, who threatened legal action against the primary school's head teacher to get her not to implement self-testing and other Covid measures at school.

Thanks to "maniacs" such as those, antivaxxers and Covid pass crooks, the magazine deems "lockdown ever more realistic measure," suggesting the government will follow Austria's suit.


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