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Adria Tehnika extends cooperation with Easyjet


Ljubljana - Slovenian aircraft maintenance company Adria Tehnika announced on Monday that it has signed a new five-year cooperation agreement with Easyjet. The contract covers aircraft maintenance at Ljubljana Airport, airframe and component maintenance, line maintenance, on-demand support and other tasks for aircraft technicians.

The start of cooperation between Adria Tehnika and Easyjet dates back to 2016, when the Slovenian aircraft maintenance and servicing contractor carried out a reconfiguration of Easyjet's SpaceFlex passenger cabins to accommodate more passengers.

At that time, Adria Tehnika carried out the conversion of more than 100 Easyjet aircraft, which was soon followed by base maintenance and servicing for the airline.

The two companies have now signed a five-year contract, which brings Adria Tehnika an expanded scope of work, as the most demanding base work on the aircraft will be carried out on three parallel routes at the same time, they said.

"After more than five years of successful cooperation, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Adria Tehnika, which has proven to be a reliable partner, and we look forward to growing together," said Easyjet.

"We believe that the high demand for our services is a reflection of trust, which provides us with additional courage and confidence when planning our strategy," added Barbara Perko Brvar, Deputy CEO of Adria Tehnika.


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