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Consumer confidence down for fifth consecutive month


Ljubljana - Slovenia's consumer confidence indicator is down for the fifth consecutive month in November, dropping by 2 percentage points over the month before. But it is up by 7 percentage points compared to November 2020, the Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

The monthly drop in the confidence indicator is attributed to more pessimistic consumer expectations about the country's economy (down by 9 p.p.), and about household finances (down by 1 p.p.).

On the other hand, expectations about major purchases slightly improved (by 1 p.p.) and consumers' assessment of current household finances remained level.

The value of the consumer confidence indicator was up 7 p.p. year on year in November and 1 p.p. below last year's average.

All four components of the indicator were up in annual comparison. Consumers were more optimistic about the country's economy (by 12 p.p.), the outlook for major purchases (by 6 p.p.), about current state of household finances (by 4 p.p.) as well as about prospects for household finances (also by 4 p.p).


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