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Govt visit to Pomurje focused on agriculture projects and youth drain

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Lendava/Murska Sobota - Touring the north-eastern region of Pomurje on Tuesday, the cabinet discussed various projects, including in agriculture, the leading industry in the area, as well as challenges, such as efforts to convince young people to stay in the region.

Cabinet members first gathered in Murska Sobota to discuss projects regarding agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, cohesion and other EU funds, economic opportunities, education, culture, healthcare, long-term care and judiciary.

The ministers also raised the issues of demographics, youth drain and minorities before separately visiting a number of companies, municipalities, institutions and organisations in the region.

Prime Minister Janez Janša visited the food production company Panvita together with Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek. A press release by the government describes the company as an important pillar of Slovenian food security.

Podgoršek considers the region one of the key ones when it comes to Slovenia's food production, especially regarding fruit, vegetables and cereal crops. As such Pomurje is very important for the country's future development of food self-sufficiency, he said.

Janša then also met the representatives of the Hungarian minority in Pomurje for a working lunch. They talked about cooperation with the government, a fund supporting the development of ethnically mixed areas on both sides of the border and the community's cultural and tourism youth association.

The prime minister also visited the Murska Sobota diocese of the Evangelical Church in Slovenia where he met Bishop Leon Novak. He also met Catholic Bishop of Murska Sobota Peter Štumpf.

Moreover, Janša paid a visit to the energy supplier MOL Slovenija to discuss the expansion of the company's business and the trends of petroleum product prices on the global market and in Slovenia.

The prime minister then met Lendava Mayor Janez Magyar ahead of the public debate in Lendava, which wrapped up the government visit. The debate was dedicated to the development of the region.


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