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Slovenian Digital Coalition forum starts in Ljubljana

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Ljubljana - An open forum of the Slovenian Digital Coalition started on Thursday in Ljubljana, with the progress of digitalisation in Slovenia and European digital market regulations at the forefront of the debates. Speakers at the forum also stressed the importance of strengthening digital competences.

"Digitalisation is not a short-term goal, we need to think ahead and plan strategically," Minister for Digital Transformation Mark Boris Andrijanič said in his opening remarks at the fourth open forum of the Slovenian Digital Coalition.

He recalled that 25 November marks exactly five years since the signing of the declaration on the Slovenian Digital Coalition with representatives of the government, business and R&D. He thanked the coalition for its outstanding contribution to the digitalisation of Slovenia.

According to Andrijanič, Slovenia is on the right track when it comes to digital transformation, which was demonstrated by the country's recent progress in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), climbing from 16th to 13th place.

The main points of interest for the Slovenian Digital Coalition are regulation, environment, infrastructure and inclusion. They also pay special attention to digital competences and education systems.

"We need to upgrade the formal education system and enable education that is tailored to the needs of children, who now live in a world that is a bit different than ours used to be," explained the coalition's president Igor Zorko, adding that education for older generations was also needed.

One of the most important topics of this year's forum will be European regulations, including the regulation of the digital market in the EU and the protection of personal data.

"We are talking about more than 20 different legal foundations, which will significantly change our operating habits in the digital environment," said Zorko.

The forum will also focus on financial investments and development strategies in the field of digitalisation. Zorko explained that these activities will only have had their effect in the years to come, but they still needed to be addressed now.

Peter Jenko, the director of the government's Information Society Directorate, assessed that more funds should be allocated to digitalisation, adding that he sees Slovenia's digital progress as positive.

But Jenko also believes that many challenges in this area still persist - people will need to be encouraged and shown the benefits of digitalisation, which will also require improving digital competences among Slovenians, he said.

Jerneja Jug Jerše, the European Commission representative in Slovenia, pointed out that Slovenia is lagging behind the EU in digital skills and knowledge and called for more cooperation, while also praising the work of the Slovenian Digital Coalition.


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