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Govt working on guidance for Christmas fairs


Ljubljana - Health Minister Janez Poklukar told reporters on Thursday that the government was working on recommendations for fairs and other events during the festive season to be held in a Covid-safe way.

Asked by reporters whether the government had changed or tightened Covid restrictions at today's session, Poklukar answered in the negative, but said they were working on joint recommendations for Christmas events.

The recommendations are being drawn up by the Economy Ministry. "Once the final form of the proposals is known, we will let you known," Poklukar said.

Asked whether the said recommendations could be understand to mean that events during the festive season would be allowed, the minister noted that the epidemiological situation in the country was very serious and the country could not afford an increase in infections.

But he made a note of saying that the government was trying to allow fairs and events being held to an extent with strict supervision over adherence to all the prescribed measures.

Poklukar also called for work to be held from home wherever possible. He would like for half the country's employees to work from home.

Coronavirus infections in Slovenia have been on decline, but the situation in hospitals is critical with the number of ICU cases hitting a record 286 today.

2,668 new coronavirus cases were reported for Wednesday and the 7-day average is at 2,786 with the 14-day incidence per 100,000 residents at 2,019.


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