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Pandemic slashes Steklarna Rogaška glassworks business results


Rogaška Slatina - The Steklarna Rogaška glassworks, which halted production for seven weeks during the first wave of the epidemic last year, generated EUR 38.1 million in sales revenue last year, which is EUR 6.2 million less than the year before. Net profit, which totalled EUR 1.3 million in 2019, dropped to almost EUR 728,000 in 2020.

The management says in the business report published on the website of the AJPES agency for legal records that the lower profit is a result of significantly lower realisation of sales and the value of product supplies and unfinished products.

The company has successfully adjusted labour costs to the drop in sales, while the state provided subsidies for workers on furlough, it adds.

The glassworks, which is part of the Finnish group Fiskars, generated 79% of last year's sales in the EU and around 9% in the US market, while another 3% were generated in Slovenia.

During the lockdown, production was suspended for seven weeks. Where possible, staff worked from home, while in production, retail and logistics workers were mostly present at the company to maintain contact with clients and customers throughout the year.

In the second half of the year, an investment into a new furnace for melting glass was concluded to boost sustainability and some smaller investments were carried out to promote slim production.


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