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Brewers vow to include calorie info on beer labels


Ljubljana - Members of the Slovenian Breweries Association signed a commitment on Wednesday to add more information on ingredients and energy value to their beer packaging. As was said at today's signing, the commitment should help in bringing transparent information to consumers.

Nineteen Slovenian breweries, including the largest, signed the commitment to start indicating the energy value of their beer on the packaging, making good on several years of efforts.

The brewing sector is convinced that there was no reason why consumers should not be provided with information on the ingredients and the energy value of beer and soft drinks.

Agriculture and Food Minister Jože Podgoršek said that consumers are becoming increasingly well informed, while he also praised the enhanced cooperation shown by the brewing sector.

"By signing the agreement, the members of the Association of Slovenian Breweries commit to voluntarily indicate the energy value of beer on all our products by the end of 2022," said the association's president Jernej Smolnikar.

The association's mission is to address issues that are important for Slovenian breweries, to raise public awareness of the role of brewers in the economic environment and in society in general.

The director general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), Aleš Cantarutti, emphasised the importance of the tradition of brewing in Slovenia and brewing as an economic activity.

"Responsible behaviour towards consumers builds trust, ensures transparency and advances the goals of sustainability and responsible drinking," he said.

Cantarutti added that another commitment was signed a few months ago by soft drinks producers, who promised to reduce the sugar content in their drinks.


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