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Slovenia's joblessness declines in November


Ljubljana - Slovenia's jobless total fell in November, with 65,379 people registered with the Employment Service, 1.9% fewer on a monthly level and 22.3% fewer annually. A total of 4,996 newly unemployed were registered in November, which is less than in October, year-on-year and November 2019, the Employment Service said.

The number of newly registered unemployed persons decreased by 27.5% on a monthly level and by 32.1% annually. Among the newly registered, there were 669 first-time jobseekers.

Meanwhile, 2,381 people lost work because their fixed-term job contracts expired, with their number rising by 29.8%, while 63 were out of work due to bankruptcies and 771 workers were made redundant.

In comparison to November 2020, the only increase (26%) was seen in people out of work due to bankruptcies, while there were 67.6% fewer redundant workers, 26.2% fewer unemployed after the end of a fixed-term job contract and 5.2% fewer first-time jobseekers.

Out of the 6,271 people struck out of the unemployment registry in November, 3,835 found a job or became self-employed, which is 6.2% fewer than in October and 16.4% fewer than in November 2020.

The largest numbers of those who found employment were secretaries, sales clerks, manufacturing workers, cleaners, servers, domestic helpers, warehouse workers, commercial agents, drivers, kitchen assistants and waiters, the Employment Service said.

On average, 75,074 people were registered as unemployed in the first eleven months of the year, down by 11.5% on the same period last year. Employers reported a third more job vacancies in the eleven months than in the January-November period in 2020.

Employers, mostly in manufacturing, construction, health and social work, reported 13,871 job vacancies in November, which is 1.8% more than in October and 71% more than in November 2020.


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