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Small protest staged in Maribor targeting Mayor Arsenovič


Maribor - A small rally was held in Maribor's central square on Saturday targeting Mayor Saša Aresnovoč. About a hundred people gathered near the Town Hall calling for his resignation. The protesters also burnt a few posters with the mayor's image.

The rally was addressed by its initiator Roman Križnjak, known as a founding member of Viole, the ultras of the local football club Maribor.

He said Arsenovič's rule was arrogant, lacked care for the vulnerable groups and that he was putting his own interests first. "During his term, the costs of living in this city became the highest in modern history," he said.

The rally was unannounced and the group included some anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. Calls against the recovered-vaccinated-tested rule and against vaccination could also be heard at the rally.

Police were at the site, warning that people gathering in the current epidemiological situation posed a risk to people's health.

Arsenovič was elected mayor at the end of 2018 as a candidate of the coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC), but he has his own list Arsenovič for Maribor in the city council. He has already announced he would stand for re-election in the next election.


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