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Survey: Environment not factor in choosing means of transport

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Ljubljana - A survey on Slovenia's energy efficiency (Reus) has shown that 25% of households are considering using public transport such as city bus or train more often, while only less than 5% are ready to increase use of public transport.

"This means that a good quarter of all households has the potential to increase use of city buses or train. However, more than two thirds of households are not ready to increase use of public transport," said communication agency Informa Echo.

As part of the Reus 2021 survey, 57% of households said they would be willing to use or to increase use of public transport if connections were better, followed by faster transport (40%) and cheaper tickers (39%).

The Reus survey for 2011-2019 meanwhile shows the share of households willing to increase or considering increasing use of public transport remained approximately the same in 2011-2019.

For a good two thirds of the surveyed households, the time spent on travelling is key when choosing the means of transport, followed by price (40%), comfort (36%) and habits (22%). Environmental impact of transport is a key factor determining their choice of transport in less than 10%.


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