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The Moment of Truth for the Fiscal Rule


The parliament recently ratified the European fiscal pact treaty, but deputy group leaders today failed to reach a two-thirds agreement required to amend the Constitution, the prime minister stressed.

"After today's meeting this coalition is all by itself in looking for an exit to this crisis," Janša said, adding that the government is trying to do everything in its power to save Slovenia from a "financial disaster".

He stressed that the country still lacks a working budget for 2012. "Every day that Slovenia is without a real and operative budget, when it is without the fiscal rule, it is paying more and has fewer options for further borrowing," Janša said.

He added that while the deadline for the fiscal rule had not yet expired, paths of various countries differ; Germany adopted the fiscal rule as many as three years ago and now "reaps the benefits", Janša stressed.

"In the coming few days, the parliament will experience an encounter with the truth, with the real situation on the ground," the prime minister warned.

But leader of the opposition Social Democrats (SD) Borut Pahor rejected the notion, saying the fiscal rule enjoyed the support of the majority of SD deputies, which goes against the prime minister's statement regarding the lack of support.

"After today's meeting, there certainly cannot be the slightest bit of doubt that the constitutional commission has the necessary two-thirds majority to draft the wording of the constitutional amendment and the constitutional law," Pahor wrote in a press release.


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