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Extraordinary Session for Austerity Bill


The move comes a day after the college of parliamentary speaker decided that the omnibus bill that would secure more than EUR 1bn worth of cuts is to be fast-tracked through parliament.

PS deputy group leader Jani Möderndorfer raised objections, saying that the bill changed as many as 45 acts and that the draft proposed by the government was "sloppy and illogical".

The PS also underlined that the bill did not enjoy the support of social partners and that the government was trying to interfere with existing labour contracts.

The party therefore proposed that more time be allowed for the bill to be discussed and social dialogue to continue in the meantime. The PS thus demanded that the National Assembly decides about the type of procedure suitable for this bill.

But the request for the extraordinary session was not filed by the PS but by coalition deputies who wanted to save time as they believe the matter should be discussed as soon as possible.

They said that a fast-track procedure for this bill was of key importance to avoid unfavourable consequences for the state.


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