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GEN-I plans to open 700 new green jobs by 2030


Krško - GEN-I, an energy group specialised in electricity trading, plans to invest over a billion euro into renewables, energy efficiency and storage and digital platforms by 2030, thus creating more than 700 new green jobs.

GEN-I, which already announced the EUR 1 billion investment drive in June, said on Thursday the 700-plus new jobs would generate EUR 100,000 in value added per employee.

"GEN-I Group is aware that climate emergency is the biggest challenge of humanity that should have been taken on yesterday. The company is thus already undertaking its mission of decarbonising the Slovenian energy sector, which is also a unique business opportunity," reads the release.

It adds the group is committed through its strategic development plan to ambitious goals in green transition, which entails not only a search for new technical solutions for customers but also an innovative business model and best staff.

Next year the group plans to employ more than 100 new technicians, and experts in social and natural sciences and humanities. The goal is to gradually boost green services, trading and retail, and IT teams developing apps, digitising operations and supporting work processes.

According to its annual report for 2020, GEN-I employed 531 people at the end of last year, up 11% from the end of 2019.

The group posted sales of EUR 2.1 billion and a net profit of EUR 15.4 million.

The group is currently led by court-appointed plenipotentiaries after the long-serving CEO Robert Golob failed to get a new term and no replacement has been appointed.

GEN-I is half owned by GEN Energija and half by GEN-EL. The former is the fully state-owned parent company of GEN Group, a leading energy group in the country.


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