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Govt raises wages of police employees over increased workload


Ljubljana - The government decided on Thursday to increase wages of employees of the police force and the Interior Ministry due to the increased volume of work and special workload related to support tasks of the police. The decision will be applied as of December wages.

The increase in monthly wages will range from EUR 100 to EUR 130 gross, depending on the classification of individual employees, the government said.

It noted that an increase in wage of up to 20% of the basic wage for police officers and civil servants at the ministry who perform support tasks for the police was permitted by the relevant existing law.

The raise realises an agreement that resolved police strike demands, including an agreement on the criteria for pay for increased workload and special workload. This increase in wages does not exclude payment of other performance bonuses.

Also adopted were amendments to a relevant decree introducing compensation for care and accommodation of a police dog at home and a bonus of 2% of the average gross wage in Slovenia to officers during the time they are not permitted to hold a strike.


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